Friday, September 21, 2012

Why go dual? The benefits of multiple subwoofers

Can your system benefit from running multiple subwoofers?

SVS resident subwoofer guru, Ed Mullen, has written an excellent article highlighting the benefits of running multiple subwoofers in your system.  Whether you're craving extra headroom for that demanding playback, or looking to get a more even frequency response throughout your room, anyone can benefit from running multiple subwoofers.

Below is the article that Ed wrote.

 Maybe you've been reading about dual subwoofers on the A/V forums and wondering what all the fuss is about. At SVS, we're big fans of running dual subwoofers whenever possible, and they can be a great upgrade to any home theater or music system. Below are some of the benefits of running dual subwoofers in your system:

Two Small Subwoofers Can Fit Where One Large Subwoofer Can’t.

Many enthusiasts have their music and home theater systems located in mixed use living areas, where subwoofer performance must be balanced with d├ęcor and aesthetics. In situations like this, a single larger subwoofer might have too much visual impact in the room or might not even fit in the allocated areas, whereas two smaller subwoofers can offer similar performance, less visual impact, and can also fit into more locations in the room

Optimal Sound Quality At More Listening Positions
Even with careful placement, a single subwoofer will not have an optimal frequency response at all listening positions in the room. In any given room location, a subwoofer has a unique 'modal pattern' (standing waves with peaks/nulls) and associated frequency response at the listening position. Listeners will often notice that moving even a few feet away from the 'sweet spot' will often result in notably worse bass sound quality. With properly located dual subwoofers, the respective modal patterns will overlap, which greatly increases the modal density in the room. The result is a smoother frequency response at more listening positions in the room, with less potential for obvious peaks/nulls in the frequency response. This also makes it easier for auto-set-up programs like Audyssey MultEQ to equalize the subwoofer channel.

Effortless Bass With Greater Headroom
A popular phrase with our Sales staff is "headroom has a quality all its own". Dual subwoofers will greatly increase the available system headroom, providing greater dynamic range, reduced output compression, lower distortion, and less potential for overdrive artifacts. If you like to listen at loud levels and crave a lot of slam, impact and pressure from action and sci-fi movies, then dual subwoofers are an excellent option, and will provide effortless bass on demanding passages.

Stereo Bass For Dedicated 2-Channel Systems
2-channel purists know that directional bass cues are important to imaging and preserving the solidity of the soundstage. Using dual subwoofers in a dedicated 2-channel system will preserve stereo bass cues, and prevent the soundstage from collapsing, particularly when small bookshelf monitors with limited bass extension are being used.

Harder To Localize
Even with a fairly deep speaker/subwoofer crossover frequency and the associated masking effects of the surround speakers, it's often possible to localize a single subwoofer in the room, particularly if it is not located on the front stage. In comparison, dual subwoofers are nearly impossible to localize. Once listeners experience this immersive bass which seems to emanate from everywhere in the room, they never want to go back to a single subwoofer set-up.

Recommended Placement Locations for Dual Subwoofers
Based on our own extensive testing, and research done by the professional audio community, we recommend the following placement options for dual subwoofer:
  1. on the front stage in the corners
  2. on the front stage at the 1/3 wall points (basically flanking the center channel near each main speaker)
  3. at the mid-point of the front and back wall. 
 Option 3 is usually a non-starter due to the presence of the equipment rack and center channel, so the first two options are the most common. All rooms are different, so we recommend staying flexible and trying a few different locations, but the first two options have generally provided outstanding results for our customers and in our high-end installs

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SVS PC12-Plus and PC12-NSD cylinder subwoofers review by

"If there is a single subwoofer that revolutionized both the price/performance ratio and the way we buy subwoofers, the SVS Powered Cylinder is it."~ Russell Williams

Here is the complete review by Russell Williams

New retail price :
PC12-NSD : RM3,750

PC12-Plus : RM6,650

We are now trying to reach out to more SVS enthusiasts in Northern part of Peninsula. Hopefully, it will be materialised in early October 2012. For those in Sabah and Sarawak, you may contact Sound Fusion Sdn Bhd in Kuching. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Krell KAV-400xi Integrated Amplifier (Sold)

This is the 3rd generation of the Krell entry level integrated amplifiers. The KAV-400xi models were made in United States and it gives 200 watts/channel of power. This particular unit is one of our collection items and it has been well kept. If you are looking for versatility for both home theater and Hi-Fi, this model can fit into your criteria as it comes with home theater throughput mode.

Condition: 8.5/10. With remote, manual and box. 
Price: RM7,000 negotiable. No trade-ins. Cash only. (SOLD)

Please contact Max 0176778820 or  Benjamin 0163229428 for appointments or auditions.

We are open on Sundays!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Supra LoRad 2.5 Power Cable (Used)

Length : 1.5m
Condition : 8/10

Price : RM150. Cash.

Please contact Max 0176778820 or 
Benjamin 0163229428 for appointments or auditions.

We are open on Sundays!