Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good article on home theater acoustics by Acoustic Sciences Corp

There are many occasions that we were being asked about the importance of room acoustic by customers. Many failed to address the problem while some think that by buying a better system, the problem can be minimized, which is wrong.

A good system in a bad acoustic room will sounds just as bad. That is why room acoustics is very important and should be dealt with in order to truly enjoy your HT or hi-fi system.

This article is very informative and we find it to be useful for other HT enthusiasts as well as audiophiles. As the article is very long, we only extract a portion of it. For the remaining, you may click at the attached link.

Happy reading.

Home Theater Acoustics

One of the first things the novice acoustician does upon entering a room is to deliver a sharp clap of the hands. This is followed by a grave shake of the head and comments about how bad the room sounds. Next comes a proposition to fix the room and the fee. The unsuspecting client then administers a sharp hand clap, nods the head in agreement, and gives the guru a retainer. The only problem here is that these people are busy buying and selling modifications to the sound of their own hand clap. We don't listen to a speaker while holding it in our hands, yet we can be tempted to consider acoustics based on the sound of our own hand clap. THE ACOUSTIC CLAP TEST A hand clap contains only high frequencies. For a loudspeaker, the high frequencies are directional, forward of the speaker box. To properly administer a hand clap that mimics the high-frequency beaming pattern of a loudspeaker, the hands must meet at waist height while the clapper is facing the same direction that the speaker does. The body of the clapper blocks the expansion of the clap sound backwards. The listener is no longer in the clapper position, the listener is now seated in the listening position. This time, the hand clap is cast forward from the speaker position and is heard by the real listener. It is how the listener hears the speaker that counts and not so much how the speaker sounds to itself, at least in hi-fi playback settings.

Rythmik Audio F12 sealed subwoofer

* Driver 12" high excursion with custom sensing coil
* Driver materials Black or silver anodized aluminum with rubber surround
* Cast aluminum basket
* Copper flux modulation shorting rings
* Amplifier 370w RMS class A/B patented servo controlled
* Dimensions : 15-3/4"(W) x 15-3/4" (H )x 17"(D) - (18-1/2" D with grille)
* Shipping Weight : 80 lbs
* Frequency Response : 14 - 100 Hz (-2 dB @ 14 Hz)
* Crossover slope : Selectable 12 or 24 dB / octave (PEQ and XLR versions)
* Crossover range (Low pass) : 25 - 100 Hz
* Rumble Filter (High pass ) : 20 Hz 18 dB / octave
* Phase response : 90 degrees phase shift at 20 Hz
* Phase adjustment : 0 - 180 degrees continuously variable
* Bass damping factor settings high (Q=0.5), med (Q=0.7), and low (Q=1.1)
* Finishes Available in Black Oak Vinyl and Matte Black only

Price : RM4,000 (wef 22 July 2013)

More info :

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AudioArt Taiwan's exclusive interview on Triangle 30th Anniversary in France

AudioArt, one of the famous Hi-Fi magazines in Taiwan visited Triangle Electroacoustique's HQ in Soissons, the cradle of the French monarchy.

TRIANGLE, the French electro-acoustic system manufacturer has been designing, manufacturing and assembling high end loudspeakers, celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2010.

Founded by Renaud de Vergnette in 1981, Triangle today is France's second or third largest speaker house (a distinction it shares with Cabasse, final positioning contingent on any given fiscal year). At about five times the size of either, the Gallic giant is Focal. Compared to Triangle, Focal is 49% owned by a banking consortium. That makes the giant accountable to very different corporate pressures than the smaller folks operating out of Villeneuve St. Germain. Incidentally, Focal, Triangle and Cabasse have all made enviable reputations for designing and building their own drive units.

Triangle was awarded 18 gold Diapasons for its no compromise sound reproduction quality, that embodies the beauty and emotion of music.

AudioArt Taiwan's exclusive interview on Triangle Part 2

AudioArt Taiwan's exclusive interview on Triangle Part 3

AudioArt Taiwan's exclusive interview on Triangle Part 4

AudioArt Taiwan's exclusive interview on Triangle Part 5

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Authorised Dealer for Rythmik Audio

We are proud to announce that we are the authorised dealer for Rythmik Audio for central region of Peninsula Malaysia.

Rythmik Audio is an American Internet Direct company with a massive following at, one of America's largest online audio community. It has a good reputation for its Direct Servo technology that is applied to its subwoofer.

The second shipment of F12 and F15 sealed subwoofers is scheduled to arrive this week. As for the HP series namely FV15HP (ported) and F15HP, it is estimated to reach by 4th week of May 2011.

All Rythmik subwoofers will be equipped with its PEQ2 (one band of defeatable parametric EQ) amplifier

Please click here for more information on Rythmik Audio's products.

We had already posted FV15HP and F15 in our blogspot. We shall include F12, F15HP, F15SE, as well as D15SE soon.