Sunday, April 30, 2017

TAOC II-3S-NB Rack (Used)

Condition : 8/10
Price : Sold

Weight : 27kg
Load capacity : Up to 100kg

Please contact Max (017-677 8820) or Ben (016-322 9428)
Self collect at our showroom. No courier due to no box for rack.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We are now the distributor of Emotiva (USA)

Many of you would have heard of Emotiva and some probably own Emotiva products. Back then, to buy this one needs to order directly from USA. Come early July, this will be a thing of the past. We will be carrying Emotiva products.

For those who has not heard about Emotiva, here is a brief introduction.

Emotiva started with a simple question:

"Why can't we have amazing audio and video—at prices that don't threaten our mortgage?"

And it was a good question. As high-end audio chased an ever-shrinking market with ever-more-costly gear, the price of sonic nirvana shot out of reach. New audiophiles shook their heads and said, "You know, a soundbar and a receiver may not be that bad. At least I won't be filing for divorce."

At the same time high-end audio prices were climbing, Dan Laufman and his team were helping some of the best names in audio manufacture their gear. Dan saw the inefficiencies in the system, and the ever-climbing prices, and decided to do something about it. His goal was lofty: to deliver stunning performance at sane cost…in products so amazing that they really were the only choice at their price.

The result is Emotiva.

Emotiva is named for Dan's—and his teams'—passion. Their emotional involvement with great music and film, their thrill at bringing top-level performance to more people than ever before, the fun of changing the game of high-end audio. While the team has grown over the years, everyone at Emotiva still hews to the same basic values, and takes pride in creating products that redefine what you see and hear—as well as what you pay.

Why Emotiva

The Only Choice for Amazing Performance—And Price
Go ahead. Look around. Compare Emotiva products to the competition. We think you’ll find that anything even remotely comparable will be several times the price. And this goes for any metric: sonic and visual performance, aesthetics and design, quality and finish. If you’re shopping at our price point, Emotiva is probably the only choice!
Extensive Investment in R&D and Superior Engineering.
Today's audio systems are complex, far from the simplistic components of yesteryear. Surround sound requires costly test and development gear to keep up with changing standards, and even power amps need microprocessor control to ensure highest performance and longest life. Emotiva makes the investment in equipment, design, and staff to ensure we can create great, modern components. At the same time, our dedicated engineers are recognized leaders in their fields—and they are part of a complete user experience team who create the overall system with thoughtful design, intuitive ergonomics, superior ease of use, and exceptional performance and reliability.

No-Excuses Performance.
We don't play games when testing our products. We use state of the art Audio Precision gear, and we test our amps with all channels driven. For example, our XPA-5 is rated at 200 WPC into 8 ohms. This means that it produces 200 WPC with all channels running and driven to the limits, continuously, for the duration of the test. Compare this to products that are often tested one channel at a time, or use "peak" power to inflate their ratings.

Quality Parts Throughout.
The best design is nothing without premium components. We use audiophile-grade and videophile-grade parts, in proven, critically evaluated circuitry to preserve the original quality of the sound and vision experience.

Designed in USA, Made in USA and Worldwide.
All Emotiva products are designed and engineered at our facilities in Tennessee. Our flagship products like the new XMC-1 are made in our state-of-the art production center on-site, while other products are made by our most efficient manufacturing partners, in China and around the world.

Monday, April 24, 2017

SVS SB-2000 (Pre-owned)

Condition : 8.5/10 (with box)
Warranty : 28 months

Price :Sold

Spec :
Driver : 12" aluminum
Amplifier : 500 watts rms (1100 watts peak)
Frequency Response : 19-220 hz ±3dB
Dimension : 14.6”H 14.2"W 15.4”D
Weight : 34.8lbs

Please contact Max (017 6778820) or Ben (016-322 9428)

SVS PB-2000 (Pre-owned)


Condition : 8.5/10 (with box)
Warranty : 30 months
Price : Sold

Driver : 12" aluminum
Amplifier : 500 watts rms (1100 watts peak)
Frequency Response : 17-260 Hz ± 3 dB
Port Size : Single 4”
Dimension : 20.9" (H) 17.3" (W) 23.2" (D)
Weight :65.6lbs

Please contact Max (017 6778820) or Ben (016-322 9428)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Musical Fidelity M1 DAC (used)

We have a used unit for sale. DAC only, no box and no manual. Condition: 8/10. RM1,500.

Please contact Max 0176778820 or Benjamin 0163229428. Thanks!

Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Genie turntable (used)

We have the above mentioned item for sale. Motor has been serviced. Bundle with Audio Technica AT-91 MM cartridge. Condition 9/10. With original manual and box. Sold 

Please contact Benjamin 0163229428 for arrangements. Thanks!